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Markazul Bayaan Arabic Center (MBAC) is an international competitive Arabic learning institution that offers multiple mediums of learning Arabic. MBAC was established in 2002 with a goal to teach the Arabic language in a creative, interpersonal, and effective way—a way that celebrates and connects the Arab culture to our learning environment. 

Markazul Bayaan Arabic Center has published an array of educational workbooks that emphasize the linguistics of Arabic and Islamic studies. Lessons are succinct, interactive, and thoroughly designed for those who are either at novice, intermediate, or advanced level. Each workbook builds from one another, preparing the student to become well-rounded, competent, and confident in their ability to write and speak in Arabic. 

Our institution provides learning tools from Markazul Bayaan Publishing Company, which are workshops that cater to the student of any age   who are endeavoring to study Arabic, with  our  weekend and weekday  workshops for students  who are interested in sharpening their studies in Arabic. In addition to these workshops, there are additional children and adult courses that educate people on how to mature their proficiency in Arabic studies. 

MBAC operates a virtual satellite office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as an office in Philadelphia, PA, which is its headquarters. The headquarters is located at the WeWork Building in the Northern Liberties  section of Philadelphia. The inspirational, scenic facility welcomes all types of learners, as MBAC has thoroughly equipped, state of the art hybrid-technology classrooms. The diverse learning platform enables MBAC to immerse the student into an exceptional Arabic-learning experience, whether it is virtual or onsite. 

Within its first year, MBAC expanded its educational arena to offer online classrooms, allowing students from all over the world to engage in the learning process.

Markazul Bayaan Arabic Center has partnered with a myriad of other institutions to supply the community with innovative learning concepts. MBAC collaborated with The Princeton Language Program to create a plethora of novice to intermediate Arabic workshops for Spanish speaking engineers in Jeddah City, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the initiative was to advance the work force’s knowledge of Arabic studies. The project was called “The Haramain High-Speed Railway Project for Learning Arabic.” We have also successfully facilitated Arabic workshops at Temple University PASCEP community programs. 

Markazul Bayaan Arabic Center strives daily to fulfill its creed to be 
“Your Arabic Provider from across the World”



CEO/Director of MBAC  
Amar Jones Abu Unays 
Graduate of the Islamic University of Madina Arabic Institute
Class of 2000

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We have male and female instructors with years of teaching Arabic to non-Arabic speakers.